Monday, 10 November 2014

Prehistory of Billings

The downtown center and a significant part of whatever is left of Billings is in the Yellowstone Valley which is a ravine cut out by the Yellowstone River. Around 80 million years back, the Billings range was on the shore of the Western Interior Seaway. The ocean kept dregs and sand around the shoreline. As the ocean withdrew it deserted a profound layer of sand. Over a great many years this sand was compacted into stone that is known as Eagle Sandstone. Throughout the most recent million years the waterway has cut its path down through this stone to structure the gorch dividers that are known as the Billings Rimrocks or the Rims.

Around five miles south of downtown are the Pictograph Caves. These holes contain in excess of 100 pictographs (rock painted creations), the most seasoned of which is in excess of 2000 years of age. Pretty nearly 30,000 curios (counting stone apparatuses and weapons) have been exhumed from the site.these unearthings have shown that the territory has been involved following no less than 2600 BCE until after 1800 CE.

The Crow Indians have called the Billings range home subsequent to around 1700. The present day Crow Nation is simply south of Billings.

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